Branded Music Albums

Songs like "Gangnam Style" & "Koliveridi" broke all records when they went viral in no time. Their success has earned their creators tremendous fame & fortune. A trend that clearly indicates that good music has the potential to go beyond cultures & geographical boundaries.

When corporate clients like liquor companies, apparel companies, food & beverage, lifestyle brands or any other brand or products require getting associated with, launch or co-brand a music property, album or compilation, we provide our services in conceptualizing, producing & marketing these music properties.

Indian laws restrict liquor brands to advertise & hence they constantly need to use surrogate campaigns to promote their brands & products. Music is the most preferred medium for surrogate advertising campaigns as association with it can be effectively used to reach out to the consumer. We ensure we conceptualize, produce & compile the most suitable music association & create a high impact music property which is an extension of the brand that is getting associated with the audio content. This music album property can now be leveraged to create the right buzz for the brand.

In the new media context branded music content like songs & videos can be used to target the relevant audience through viral videos on youtube and other sharing sites, song downloads & streaming, sharing on social media as well as creation of ringtones & caller tunes.

The content that we provide for brands to get associated with, covers all genres of music ranging from original indi pop or rock, remixes, Bollywood compilations, international music & also genres like blues, jazz & western & Indian classical music. Regional music from any part of India like Punjabi pop, RabindraSangeet or even Gujarati folk albums as well as devotional & wellness audio content is available for association with brands ranging from aggarbattis, denims to deodorants.

Relevant audio content with a brand fit can be tailor made & produced, sourced & licensed or acquired as required on behalf of the clients. Content can be completely copyright owned by clients or they have an option of getting associated with the content being launched by us on or through our associate record labels.

The music album is supported by an appropriate cobranded marketing plan executed by us, that comprises of a music video aired on music channels, internet viral videos for online promotion, satellite channel promos with branded tags, public relations, launch event, nation wide road shows, etc. The marketing activity carefully integrates the brand in the content like music videos, promos & video virals, in a way that it fits seamlessly & creates the desired buzz.

The music album CD can also be made available across key retail music stores across India as serve as a legitimate music release which is mandatory for liquor branded music albums.

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