Our Corporate Video Film Making Process

Being the best business video film makers in Mumbai & India, our meticulous video filmmaking process ensures that the project proceeds smoothly and is complete on-time. At every stage of the corporate video making process, our clients are kept completely informed. As a responsible corporate video film producer we approach our corporate film making in systematic stages or operating procedure. These stages include:

  • The Brief: : A brief for the required film is taken from the client using a structured briefing format. This ensures our clear understanding of the objectives, requirements, budgets & timelines of delivery. Options are discussed in terms of approach, reference points, treatment & execution.

  • Estimate & Deliverables : An estimate is provided for a specific requirement & corresponding deliverables are clearly mentioned. All deliverables & costs are clearly defined through a detailed itinerary; there are no hidden charges, costs for extra/additional aspects clearly mentioned at starting point along with terms of payment.

  • Commissioning or confirmation of assignment : This is done by the client by providing us with a formal confirmation on email or hard copy for the assignment along with amount payable clearly mentioned. A formal Purchase Order/ confirmation sent from the client is followed up by us with an invoice raised in favour of the clients company, which clearly states the required details along with our PAN & Service Tax details. An advance is released by the client as per payment terms & work is then started.

  • Concept & flow : Development of a suitable concept & treatment note, optimum sequence of film in terms of a flow that assigns the right priority to the right elements & is defined clearly.

  • Scripting : A script is the backbone of a corporate film. A good balanced script ensures that a film is engaging as well as informative. This is done through extensive research & careful drafting of a script that delivers context, comprehensibility, complexity, clarity, composition, style & structuring. We will ensure a script is without common grammatical & spelling errors with complete proofing.

  • Pre-production : In case a shoot is required, the planning carried out before the same is referred to as pre-production. This includes fixing a shooting schedule, providing shoot & edit checklist to a client, shoot location recce, travel arrangements, camera & lighting planning, casting & styling with make-up for models/actors if applicable, in case of international shoots visa, ticketing & permissions if any that are required for a shoot. For shooting advertisement films, casting is carried out to short list the suitable actor/models for a film. Their make-up, styling & look are also planned out along with rehearsals if required.

  • Production : The quality of shoot determines the final look of a film. During production the shooting of the film as per the desired style, look & flow is carried out. Attention is paid by our director & cinematographer to ensure that the coverage of a facility is carried out in a systematic format and pace covering the entire itinerary as planned. This may including shooting the external building, internal infrastructure, people, shooting manufacturing processes, products, interviews & other elements. In terms of advertisements & role play films our film director directs the cast to perform a scene as per the script & the same is shot as per plan. When required enhanced creative shoots of facilities could be carried out using cranes, trolley, helicopters & other specialized equipment & lenses. A variety of shoot formats are used to shoot our corporate films, these range from normal DV, Digi Beta, HD, full HD, 3D to Film.

  • Voice Over/Dubbing : We provide a variety of male & female voice-over artists in different languages to dub commentary for our films. The client is given options to select a voice-over artist of his choice. The recording (dubbing) of this voice-over is done at our audio studios under supervision for voice modulation, narration speed, style & pronunciation.

  • Post-production : All the work done on a film post the shoot is referred to as post production. This includes digitising or telecine of the shoot footage, adding additional footage from our or the clients archives, adding stills, templates, back-grounds, logos, editing, packaging, supers & effects, animations & sound design. The final look of a film is determined by the quality of the post production work done on it. Once the edit is ready, it is shown to the client to take his feedback. The feedback is then incorporated to create the final edit.

  • Master DVD : Once the client has approved the final edit it is worked on to enhance the audio & video content to create a Master DVD which is handed over to the client as a final deliverable. This format of master can be played back universally on all systems. We also provide DVD authoring & duplication services for making bulk DVD copies if required.

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