We create a variety of radio jingles for brands, products & campaigns. These jingles are created after a thorough understanding of the brief provided by the client. This includes the purpose of the communication as well as its target audience. Voice-over artists, singers, composers & suitable arrangements are used by us to create a suitable jingle that manages to communicate the right message, cut through the media clutter & delkiver a high recall value.

Once a jingle is commissioned the concept, script & reference treatment is provided to the client. Various options are made available to the client in terms of the composition, orchestral arrangements, voice-over, duration & treatment. Our team of lyric writers are capable of penning the most effective lyrics for jingles. Our arrangers then compose the most enchanting tunes & record them with good singers & instruments using the best sound technicians from the industry at studios equipped with the most modern state of the art recording equipment.

A wide variety of singers & musicians are made available as per the requirement of the assignment & a client's budget. The typical time required to deliver a good jingle is around 4 weeks post commissioning. However at times we also deliver in shorter durations if the jingle is required urgently by the client. We also provide jingles that feature celebrity singers & composers from the Indian jingle & Bollywood industry in case of specific requirements.

The jingle once approved by the client post production is delivered in versions, durations, formats & file sizes as required by the clients.

Cost for each assignment is a function of the talent, treatment & technicians used. In terms of cost we provide an entire range of jinglesfrom low & medium cost to the more creative offbeat ones at premium charges.

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