Launch Pad

Our service "Launch Pad India" is aimed at giving new comers from India & other parts of the world a firm foothold into the Indian music industry. Talent from India & across the globe is looking for career opportunities in the Indian entertainment industry. Brandish has taken up the role to provide these new comers support in marketing, promoting & representing them in India to help them network, create profiles, identify a niche and launch their careers. Brandish leverages its vast network, goodwill and experience in the entertainment industry to launch careers. A genuine, credible & honest approach to launch each new comer in the music industry is a Brandish commitment.

Brandish helps singers, producers, rappers, DJs and other musicians launch themselves in the Indian music industry. This service includes everything from helping them create their music album, music video, getting them record label deal, events, public relations, television advertising and even manage them for live performances & shows. The process is as follows:

The creative team of music experts from Brandish will understand & asses the music potential of the musician who is looking at launching himself/herself in India. They will then identify a sound that will be suitable for the musician to get maximum popularity & acceptance on the Indian music scene. If required they will also suggest the musician to go with a path breaking new sound suitable to his/her music. Brandish has its own team of arrangers, programmers, accompanying musicians, lyricists and composers who can help clients put together a high quality superior music album. This could be recorded at state of the art Brandish studios or at other suitable locations as per budget & creative requirements. If required Brandish can also tie-up & provide arrangers, programmers, accompanying musicians, singers, lyricists and composers of the client's choice. The music would be recorded under the supervision of a highly experienced team from Brandish to ensure a good product.

The Brandish creative & marketing team decides on the right identity & profile of the musician. It then proceeds to create the suitable image for the client through styling, make-up, hair, photo shoots and various other aspects like grooming, choreography, voice training, etc. Thus ensuring the right transformation which would be necessary to launch the musician (client) in the Indian music industry.

Produce a kick as music video

It is extremely important to present music with the right visuals so that it is sampled by a maximum number of people. This would be done by the Brandish film production team, who will understanding the music and create the best concepts for a clutter breaking music video. Apart from doing justice to the music the video would also profile the new talent (client) being launched through it. The video is shot in various formats, locations with the appropriate dancers, actors, choreography with numerous effects created by Brandish team of the best technical team. Shooting of multiple videos for a project is recommended to boost the popularity of a project & also reduce costs. The video is shot & edited according to the specifications required by the channels giving it airplay in India. The video is also censored as per India censorship regulations.

Get the record label on board

Once the music album is ready along with the music video the Brandish team would meet suitable record labels to sell outright/ license the music album. The team will have extensive experience to negotiate the best fees & royalties from the record label on behalf of the client. Brandish would also provide consultancy for legal contract drafting formalities, negotiations for revenue, royalty & other terms & conditions for the signing of the record label deal. Brandish would also negotiate other terms on behalf of the client like marketing & promotions support from the label, retail level visibility, distribution plan and also other details like launch quantities, digital revenues, etc.

End to end marketing of the artist & the music album

Brandish believes that in the current music market it would be sensible to assume that all marketing for a musician's album would have to be done by the musician himself. Therefore Brandish would provide the following services to market a musician in India.

  1. Launch event
  2. Public relations (recommended for a period of 3 months post release)
  3. Creating a music promo edit
  4. Media buying for music promos
  5. Print advertising
  6. Outdoor / billboards
  7. Radio promotion
  8. Boosting of video air play on channels
  9. Promotional tour
  • Corporate Video Films
  • Internet Virals
  • TV Content
  • Mobile Video Content
  • Live Event Coverage
  • Internet Advertisements
  • TV Commercials
  • Promos
  • Video Content Syndication
  • Youtube Video Content
  • Bollywood News & Features
  • Bollywood Investments
  • Event Management
  • Audio Visual Content