List of Event Services :

Venue Hire :

For venue hire we provide various options to our clients for hosting their events in terms of location, facilities, budgets, size & quality. Our team understands the profile of the guests attending, the requirements in terms of either corporate events like employee meets, conferences or social events like weddings or birthday parties. In major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Pune, Chandigrah& Hyderabad we have tie-ups with major five star hotels & banquet locations which are ideal for hosting events. We endeavor to find a venue that is most suitable for our client & help him negotiate the best deal for the same.

Invite design & printing :

Providing our clients with the most innovative & suitable invitation for an event is a very important aspect of our service. We believe that a good invitation is the one that is innovative, unique & creates a desire in the invited guest to attend the event. We design different invitations ranging from very formal, unique, designer, unconventional to thematic for different events like corporate functions, weddings & engagements, birthday parties and anniversaries. For invitations our services cover everything from concept, design, printing, labelling, dispatch & RSVP. We also provide services for entry management at events like page 3 parties, media functions & award ceremonies where we screen guests using a guest list prepared through extensive RSVP exercise.

Branding Services :

A good corporate event requires effective branding planning & management. Here our services comprise of designing conventional & innovative branding solutions used in an event, suggesting ways & means to maximize our clients visibility & association with an event through a meticulous branding plan, manufacturing the publicity material, arranging for to & fro transport to the event venue, placement of the publicity material in the most vantage positions & removal post event. This includes panels, standees, flex hangings, danglers, banners, sun boards, canvas painting, neon signage, gobo, back lit & posters.

Event Decor, Backdrop & Set Design :

We will provide the appropriate décor for your event to create the required effect from formal to elegant to plain "wow". We have a vast bank of options for a variety of décor for various applications. This includes elegant corporate décor like panels, drapes & flex to more creative décor like lanterns, paintings, land-scape work, cutouts, roman pillars or even majestic properties & custom designed props. Grand backdrops for corporate events, opulent sets for weddings & multi layered stages for award ceremonies are both designed & constructed by us for various events. We also provide stage, sets & décor which is most suitable for television events like the grand finale events for reality shows, beauty pageants & film award nights.

Venue Constructs :

For an event venue constructs comprise of everything ranging from green rooms, shamiana, scaffolding, partitions, skirting, tables, chairs, carpets, tent house material, kitchens, holding areas, temporary roofs, masking, bamboo barricading, entrance & gate arches, decorative entrance settings, mojo barricading, gates & other material. We have our own inventory as well as provide a vast variety of items for venue constructs in an event. This also includes items like perfume blowing fans, mandaps decoration, lamps, pots, etc.

General lighting :

General lighting is required to illuminate various areas of an event venue. We have a systematic approach to plan general lighting requirements in advance for an event & go about installing the same as per the illumination required. General lighting is usually required in areas like green rooms, kitchens, catering, entrance & exit points, audience areas, walk through or lead up to the event location, parking areas, stalls, display areas, etc. We ensure that the strictest safety standards are maintained while we install & operate our general lighting at events being managed by us. Appropriate lighting source in terms of halogen, bulbs, CFL or metal lights is installed with proper mounting, cabling & circuit breaker mechanism.

Stage Lights :

The stage for an event is the focal point of all activity. At Brandish we have the best lighting design experts as part of our production team. The entire stage lighting is planned keeping in mind the size of the stage, activity on the stage in terms of performances or panel discussions or speeches, positions of the people & safety considerations. Stage lighting comprises of illumination through par cans or LED par cans & intelligent lighting through moving heads, scanners, strobes, colour changers, etc. all controlled through state of the art technology light boards that can be programmed according to the show requirements on stage. The lights are mounted in suitable positions carefully in advance, on stage, poles or trusses to ensure optimum performance as well as safety for the guests & the performers on stage. Elaborate rehearsals are conducted by our crew & careful adjustments & programming of light boards is carried out to ensure that the lights are used in the best manner. For manually operated lights like follow spots we ensure that the light operators are constantly in touch with our light board operators through clear coms. We also keep our technicians on standby throughout the event to attend to any emergency requirements.

Sound Solutions :

We provide the best sound for our events for any kind of requirement ranging from small birthday parties, conferences, music concerts to weddings. Our sound comprises of the best branded systems ranging from JBL, Bose to Mackies. Our sound engineers are efficient at rigging the gear in the most suitable audio optimum location at the venue & even check & program the sound systems in a systematic manner. Attention to detail is provided during sound checks for live bands to ensure the best sound output. We also provide compact sound setups like satellite speakers & flying sound setups for smaller venues where space is a constraint. Adequate arrangements are made to for taping & concealing cables to ensure safety & a tidy setup. Stage gear like mics, monitors & amplifiers are rigged in a systematic format to give a neat & appealing look to the event stage. As per requirement we also provide smaller sound setups in pre function areas & even mobile sound systems for canters & processions for road shows.

Generator :

Generators of various power outputs are provided by us for our events. We ensure that power generators at our events are well maintained & have the required permissions, paper work as well as safety systems in place as a top most priority. It is our responsibility to make sure we gauge the power consumption requirement for our client's event & provide suitable output generator vans that reach the event venues in time to provide power for rehearsals & sound checks. These are parked at safe locations at our events. Generator cabling is always done by us in the most systematic manner to ensure the highest safety from fire due to short circuits, accidents due to tripping over cabling or electrocution at our events. For mobile generator setups we ensure that there is adequate diesel along with back up in case of prolonged duration of power requirement at an event. In all major metro cities in India including Mumbai we have the most reliable generator suppliers who along with our production team ensure that the events we manage are smooth & hassle free in terms of power arrangements.

Laser Shows :

Clients can now avail of the most dazzling laser shows at their events being organized by us. These spectacular laser shows can be provided for indoor as well as outdoor events. Lasers are projected on high rise buildings, on water bodies as well as on screens specially created for the laser display. The laser display can be single coloured or multi coloured & can be a dazzling beam or pattern show or a show depicting a pre programmed story board. Logos, captions, messages & visuals can be programmed in advance so that they can be projected by the laser light at the event. Typical duration of each laser display is around 8 to 10 min. Laser shows are ideal for events like product launches, fashion shows, concerts & even weddings & theme parties. We also provide small wattage lasers for stage & dance floor lighting requirements. All lasers are intelligent and can be controlled through high tech boards provided by us at our events.

Ambient & Architecture lighting :

Lighting is a very critical element used to create the right ambience at the venue. We provide a variety of lighting ranging from mirchi lights, Indian lanterns, Chinese lanterns, sequence lights, colour changers, city colour, series lights, LED Parcans, etc. to give the desired ambience to an event venue. This can be used to give a festive ambience during weddings, cool ambience during soft consorts or even a celestial ambience for theme parties. We also provide architectural lighting to light the facades of buildings to mark the launch of a new property, business or even as part of commemorative celebrations for a company. Our architectural lighting systems include projection systems & effect lighting in tandem with high intensity lighting systems like sky trackers that give the required prominence to a structure. These are ideal to publicize the launch of a new real estate property like a residential tower or a commercial office building or to launch new products or celebrate a silver or a golden jubilee.

Audio Visual Equipment :

All events need good audio-visual equipment for various applications. For our events we provide a range of audio-visual equipment that includes video screens, projectors, short throw projectors, pani projectors, LCD panels, plasma screens, DVD players, switchers, video monitors, LED screens of various sizes, etc. Our audio-visual equipment is set-up in the most coordinated manner with video screens located at vantage points. All cabling & connections are done in a systematic manner & all video consoles are manned experienced operators who ensure that our events have the best & most reliable audio-visual display systems.

Truss & Scaffolding :

A truss system is used at an event for various reasons. It can be set-up on stage to mount proper lighting & sound. Lights mounted on a truss give better illumination from top thus enhancing the over all appeal of the show. Our trusses include varieties like goal post truss, box truss, crane suspended truss for large sets & even circular trusses. These are controlled through manual or hydraulic mechanisms during set-up & are mounted securely & safely at our events. We can provide metallic truss structures in various sizes for our events at locations across India. Clients can now avail of this facility which gives a grand look to their events.
Scaffolding is used at our events to mount follow spots, create consoles at a height or to place cameras to shoot an event. Scaffolding is available in various sizes & is also used to mount lights, as part of set or even to support various décor elements in an event.

Male/Female MC's :

A good show host, emcee, MC or master of ceremonies at an event drives participation, involvement, entertainment & engagement among guests attending the event. That is what our MCs' ensure at our events. We provide a variety of show hosts either male or female, for corporate functions, weddings or even birthday parties. Our show hosts services also include providing game hosts for childrens' birthday parties, team building activity hosts for employee events, gaming hosts for kid zones, glamorous & stylish hosts for dealer meets & product launches & MCs for formal awards functions as well as weddings. We ensure that our show hosts are appropriately selected for the event, are fully briefed about the flow of the show being hosted by them, refer to a well written script provided to them. A rehearsal & sound check is always conducted by us for our show hosts before an event being managed by us. For awards & weddings we also make the emcee available for dress trial & fittings as well as pre event briefings with the client.

Theme decoration :

Good theme events like theme parties comprise of well conceptualized and well set-up theme decoration. Theme décor is the most important aspect of a theme event. We specialize in creating a large variety of theme décor in various sizes & shapes. This includes thermo Cole decor, plaster of Paris (POP) décor, drape work, wood work, paper work, panels, canvas, flower décor & even set designs created around a theme. Theme décor is most suitable for events like theme parties, weddings, birthday parties & engagements. We can provide great quality theme décor to create themes like Arabian nights, Jungle theme, Paradise theme, Circus theme, Beach theme, Egyptian theme, Moroccan theme, Halloween party, Pirate theme, a Mad Hatters Bash, Hollywood theme, Bollywood theme and many more. We also provide specially created props like Roman Columns & properties like statues at our event locations for theme parties.

Permissions & Licenses :

We understand the importance of following the right event rules, regulations & obtaining licenses & permissions for events as per Indian laws. Our expertise lies in our clear understanding of the kind of permissions required for different kinds of events, what is permissible under the frame work of Indian laws & what is not & how to obtain the required permissions. Few of these permissions are loud speaker permission, performance license, premises licence, excise permits for serving alcohol or temporary alcohol permit or licence, theatre branch NOC, Rangbhoomi NOC, Traffic police NOC, fire brigade NOC, foreign performers NOC from mantralaya, local police station NOC, commissioner of police NOC & Entertainment tax department NOC for non ticketed events (by invitation only), sponsored events or ticketed events. We also provide services for obtaining NOC or license for playing recorded or live music at events which comprises of licenses like IPRS (Indian Performing Rights Society) or PPL (Phonographic Performance License) as well as Yashraj music.

Venue cleaning :

Ensuring that an event venue is ready for guests even after set-up is part of our standard operating procedure. Even after a hectic & tightly timed event set-up we ensure that a venue is cleaned thoroughly before guests arrive. This includes sweeping, mopping, dusting & vacuuming of the required areas to clean them & make them ready for an event. We ensure that our team in tandem with the venue house keeping personnel sanitizes toilets, cleans green rooms, stage platforms, chairs, tables, service areas & back stage locations to ensure a high level of cleanliness. We also have a system of tying & taping any wires firmly to the ground, removing unwanted equipment from an event location, restricting access to dangerous areas, putting adequate signage to direct guests & even perfume spraying & fumigating event locations to make them ready for guest occupation.

Security :

Various kinds of security arrangements are required at an event. We provide all kinds of security arrangements at events that range from providing metal detectors, checking of guests, parking attendants, back stage security, entrance & exit management, VIP guest security, armoured vehicles, traffic management, bouncers & even armed guards. We implement efficient & strict security planning measures at all events managed by us. Considering the security risk involved for large gatherings from potential terrorist attacks, thefts, mischief mongers & miscreants we have a mandatory security plan in place for any event managed by us. All entry, exit & critical points are carefully & strictly managed by our security personnel with verified credentials. Our event management teams are extensively trained to manage emergency situations like fire, terror attacks or any other natural calamity at our events.

Promoters :

We provide all kinds of promoters for events. These include male & female promoters for exhibitions, road shows, mall promotions, and factory inaugurations, large format events like music concerts & festivals, conferences & even for social events. Our experience lies in helping our clients select the right kind of promoters suitable for their event by providing them a variety of options, promoter management activities like briefing sessions, positions, assigning responsibility, communicating timing requirements, dress code as well as promoter conduct at the events. We also supervise & ensure proper delivery of promoter assignment during events as well as maintain attendance & count as per clients requirement throughout the activity.

Barricading :

After adequately surveying & understanding the barricading requirements for an event we propose the most suitable barricading options. These barricading solutions include everything from metal sheet barricading, bamboo barricading, cloth barricading, mojo barricading for concerts & events where crowd management is integral & soft barricading solutions like queue managers & even human chains as required at an event.

Celebrity Acts :

Celebrity acts enhance the entertainment quotient immensely at any kind of an event. Be it a corporate event like a product launch or a dealer meet or a social event like a wedding or a birthday party, the presence of a celebrity really adds immense value. We provide a variety of options for celebrity acts at events at a variety of price points. If a client has the budget we can get him the most prominent celebrities to attend & perform at his event. We provide celebrities for item acts, dances, anchoring, drama skits, ribbon cutting as well as for just plain event attendance. We also provide services for managing logistics, styling, choreography, makeup as well as ensuring that a celebrity delivers the commissioned performance assignment at the event.

Bollywood Acts :

The best Bollywood acts in the events business are provided by us. This includes everything from singers, dancers, choreography, styling, costumes, makeup & music. We even design customized Bollywood acts for events like "Tribute to RD Burman", "Tribute to Rajesh Khanna", "Tribute to Shammi Kapoor", "The Khan Hits", "Retro Bollywood", etc. A lot of planning & careful execution is involved in delivering these Bollywood acts which comprise of the best singers, actors, dancers & composers from the Indian Bollywood industry.

International Acts & Entertainment :

We provide a wide range of international acts like Russian dancers, African acrobats, European Singers, unique entertainers like Hoola Hoop girls, quick change act, ultra violet dancers, stand-up comedians, magicians, ventriloquists, bands & musicians. Our performers have the requisite permissions & work permits to perform in India. We also provide international acts & performers to five star hotels, restaurants & malls for long term contracts.

Kids Entertainment :

In present time the term "kids or children's' entertainment" has a whole new meaning. From virtual games, rides, theme experiences, game hosts, variety entertainers, clowns, stilt walkers, mascots, tattoo artists, glitter mahendi, puppet shows, magicians, moon walkers, cartoon characters, caricature artists, singers, dancers, acrobats, etc. We provide exiting options for kids or childrens' entertainment.

Entertainment (dancers, singers, impersonators etc) :

The entertainment provided at an event is a very import aspect that needs to be considered by the host. We understand the audience profile at our clients event & suggest a veriety of entertainment acts most suitable for the audience attending the event. From Jazz & blues bands for corporate functions, singers, dancers, stand-up comedians, look alike actors, Bollywood celebrities & some of the most unique performances like "Laser Man", "Poetrix", "Dancing Divas", etc. are provided by us. We also provide Ghazal singers & Indian classical musicians for our events. The options proposed are also cost effective & suitable for the budgets that our clients have planned for their events.

Bands :

Live bands ranging from Rock bands. Pop bands, Sufi Rock bands, Boy bands, All Girl bands, Blues bands, Jazz bands, Punjabi bands, Bollywood bands, International bands, Fusion bands, Pakistani bands & even wedding bands are provided by us. We also provide a variety of bands with a local flavour from Goa, Mumbai & Kolkatta for events anywhere in the world. The options range from fully live, partly live & minus one.

Hostesses & Ushers :

Smart & pretty hostesses who politely handle guests or visitors at an exhibition or an event are extremely important. We provide a large variety of hostesses for our clients events. Our service also covers aspects like travel arrangements, uniforms, makeup & pre event briefings for hostesses. Ushers are also provided by us in various categories.

Catering :

Catering in a variety of cuisines both Indian & International is a speciality service that we offer. Food ranging from Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican or even Japanese, Thai or Moroccan cuisine is offered by us through various caterers empanelled by us. We also manage catering for large format events with guests exceeding 10,000 persons. We ensure the strictest quality guidelines, processes & hygiene for the catering arrangements provided by us. The service, cooking dispensing & management is of the highest quality and as per norms laid down by governing bodies.

Pyrotechnics (fire works) :

We provide both Ariel pyrotechnics as well as ground pyrotechnics at our events. These include Ariel firework display shows, ground fireworks, confetti blasts & blowers, flame & fire effects for stage pyrotechnics, LPG flame projectors, flame torches, strobe effects, glass breaks, stadium firework displays, rooftop fireworks displays, wedding firework displays, firework displays on water, cold pyrotechnics, etc.

Stage Management :

The heart of the event is the stage. We provide the most meticulously managed stage arrangements for our events. Extensive rehearsals, back stage, stage & front stage planning, position markings, wardrobe management, props management, set change management, artist coordination, dress rehearsals, sound checks, cue sheets preparation & complete coordination for flawless stage performances is the Brandish way of managing events.

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