Made to Order Music

We create audio content specially made for use in malls, multiplexes, restaurant chains & theme parks. Creating customized music content to play at shops & restaurants is far more cost effective than paying humongous PPL charges year after year for using music which is not copyright owned.

Music can be specially designed for the location at which it would be played. Messages like brand mentions, special offers, schemes, product information, price points, security messages & social messages could be integrated with the music/audio content that is created for a location.

Even the genre could be created specific to the location it is being played at. Like easy listening lounge music for a fine dining restaurant, an original pop or rock track for the food court of a mall & a racy dance track for an entertainment zone.

A vast library of music can be created by us for these kinds of applications. Custom created audio content is far more effective & useful as well as cost effective compared to using content owned by other labels.

The cost for customized audio content is a function of the quality of songs, quantity of songs & the artists featuring or composing this material.

  • Corporate Video Films
  • Internet Virals
  • TV Content
  • Mobile Video Content
  • Live Event Coverage
  • Internet Advertisements
  • TV Commercials
  • Promos
  • Video Content Syndication
  • Youtube Video Content
  • Bollywood News & Features
  • Bollywood Investments
  • Event Management
  • Audio Visual Content