Signature Tunes

We create customized signature tunes for brands, products & campaigns as required by our corporate clients. These tunes are basically compositions that have the attributes of the brand or campaign in terms of the composition, are capable of making the brand stand out & give it a high recall value. Various options are made available to the client in terms of the composition, orchestral arrangements, duration & treatment. In case of tunes where vocals are required our team of lyric writers are capable of penning the most effective lyrics. Our arrangers then compose the most enchanting tunes & record them with good singers & instruments using the best sound technicians from the industry at studios equipped with the most modern state of the art recording equipment.

A wide variety of singers & musicians are made available as per the requirement of the assignment & a client's budget. The typical time required to deliver a good signature tune is around 4 weeks post commissioning. However at times we also deliver in shorter durations if the tune is required urgently by the client. We also provide signature tunes that feature celebrity singers & composers from the Indian jingle & Bollywood industry in case of specific requirements.

The signature tunes once approved by the client post production are delivered in versions, durations, formats & file sizes as required by the clients.

Cost for each assignment is a function of the talent, treatment & technicians used. In terms of cost we provide an entire range of tunes from low & medium cost to lavish scores performed by celebrity singers & arrangers.

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