Corporate Video Production

A corporate film, business video or a corporate video is an extremely effective audio-visual tool to communicate a variety of aspects of a business to a specific target group of viewers. This target group may range from a company's clients, business associates, trade, partners, share holders, employees or even to the visitors in its premises. A good corporate video delivers far more than what a conventional website, flash or power point presentation can deliver. A typical corporate video integrates well shot & edited video, still images, animation & packaging along with a well scripted voice-over or a commentary, a suitable sound track & audio effects. Good corporate films or videos manage to showcase the required business content in a manner that keeps the viewer engaged as well as informed simultaneously. Well made corporate films go a long way in creating the desired perceptions for an organization & hence also serve as a very effective image building tool. Corporate videos have applications for all areas of business ranging from image building & promotion for marketing; product promotion or demonstration, or service showcase for sales; induction, motivation & training for human resource development. A typical corporate profile film which serves as an organizations external showcase, is used to profile a company or a business and to convey aspects of the organization like it's history, vision & mission, products & services, infrastructure, accomplishments (certificates/awards/affiliations), team, quality policy, clientele etc in the most informative & engaging audio-visual format. These types of business videos can be used to enhance your company's imagery and portray a clear & comprehensive story about the organization being showcased. Well made Corporate Profile Films or videos serve as extremely effective tools to showcase an organizations capabilities, achievements, ethics & credentials to potential clients & associates. Organizations across the world are increasingly leveraging the power of online video sharing platforms as a cost effective means to reach out to a larger more relevant target audience to showcase the required aspects of their business.

A well made Corporate Profile or Product video or film is comprehensive & structured and also standardises presentations made by the organization externally. Often referred to as the best corporate video film makers in Mumbai, as well as in India, Brandish has successfully managed to simplify the world of Corporate video making. We deliver excellent Corporate Video Films and Advertisements.

Our extensive experience of making corporate & advertising films for various industries, for various applications, enables us to understand our clients business film requirement better, thereby ensuring that we deliver the most optimum audio-visual content. We conceptualize, script, shoot, edit, post-produce and deliver your video film to you - at the most cost effective rates and on-time. Our unbeatable combination of understanding businesses, filmmaking skills, superior video production techniques and in-depth technical knowledge helps us to deliver high quality corporate video making services you can rely on. Our in-house trained team of marketing & servicing professionals with years of experience across industries & business video applications, scriptwriters, cameramen, skilled editors, animators & graphic designers produce effective & engaging Business video films. The use of innovative concepts and the highest production standards take video films produced by us to the highest level. We have our own in-house post-production studio which boasts of the latest equipment used to create quality corporate videos. The hallmark of our films is well written structured scripts, meticulously executed shoots that don't miss a single detail, superior editing, slick packaging, impactful supers & effects and our ability to create the right perceptions & emotions.

We have access to the best technical & creative talent in the industry which includes prominent directors, cameramen, voice-over artists, quality models, and experienced actors, set designers, stylists & make-up artists.

Our services are available to clients across India & the globe. We have shot films across India & many other parts of the world like the Middle East, Africa & South East Asia.

If you have a requirement for a corporate film or an ad film please contact us on 022-26207623 or 09820192891 / 09769372144 or you can email us on or

Where can organizations use corporate films or videos?

A Corporate Film or video has numerous applications. Firstly & most importantly, as an internet video, when a corporate film is hosted on a company website it can complement the website immensely by adding a new dimension to its information disseminating capability. In recent times, online video sharing has become an extremely efficient medium through which companies can share videos to larger audiences online. These videos when uploaded online could either be made available to a restricted audience like employees, selected clients or the entire world. A corporate film or video can be made available to a global audience at no cost when it is uploaded on a video sharing site like You-tube. Relevant traffic can be channelized to the you tube locations using social media marketing websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspaceetc and also through email & SMS marketing as well as offline promotions.

The corporate film or video can be played at exhibitions, conferences, seminars and events and helps to showcase a business in a structured & comprehensive manner to the forum at the respective places.

Relevant business films can also be used as an in-house tool of communication for employees and vendors to inculcate the company work culture, quality policies and safety & security regulations of an organization.

Clients can even play their Corporate Videos at their office premises using audio-visual equipment like LCD televisions placed in visitor/reception areas in the offices or at their factories, warehouses, plants or manufacturing units. These films or videos when showcased at such locations will not only convey the profile of the company but will also serve as a means to convey safety, security & visitor regulation policies effectively.

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