Promos for Media Content Products

At Brandish we also service clients from the media industry. We create promos & vignettes for feature films, television programs, events, music albums, video games & home video products. Our understanding of various content products, the target segment required to be addressed & the use of the right visuals, packaging & audio ensures a superior quality & effective promo that drives awareness, tune-in & sales.

Mobile Content :

Brandish services mobile content companies & mobile operators to plan, package & produce relevant audio visual mobile content made available on the various VAS (value added services) platforms across the industry for consumption by mobile subscribers. This includes specially packaged mobisodes, vignettes & capsules created for available film, television or music content or customized mobile content created for a variety of genres like humour, cookery, travel, business, wellness, finance, item girls, etc. We conceptualize, shoot & post produce mobile content in a special manner that it needs to be created in, considering the small mobile phone window it is viewed in.

Television Content :

Good television content drives viewership. Therefore its extremely important for tv channels to broadcast researched, unique, interesting & well produced relevant tv program content. At Brandish we specialize in this aspect of the business. Our inhouse team of creative people, technicians and infrastructure like post production studios, sound, light & camera equipment gives us the ability to provide superior television content in terms of creative as well as production quality. Besides this we are able to provide a variety of related services to broadcasters & producers throughout the globe.

We service television channels in India and other parts of the world to provide program concepts, develop innovative formats and produce television program content in a variety of genres. This covers program genres like reality, news, business, gaming, fiction, travel, cookery, fashion, Bollywood, music and many more. Various concepts are provided to the channel and developed further as per requirement. Pilot episodes are shot for large format projects. Brandish manages all aspects of development to delivery from concept, format development, casting, scheduling, timelines, location, styling, make-up, music production, shoot and post production.

Brandish can also arrange to provide various kinds of celebrities for a show including music celebrities, page 3 personalities, prominent businessmen & even politicians & spiritual gurus. At times broadcasters would have a program concept in place, in such cases Brandish just produces the program & delivers the telecast masters as per the channels specifications. In case of long running projects Brandish also enters into contract with the broadcasters to deliver masters regularly as per the channels telecast timelines.

Production of audio-visual content for broadcasters & websites :

Brandish also supplies local content to broadcasters & websites on a regular basis. This would include coverage of all major political events in the country, bollywood television program content, society happenings, stock exchange news, business events and also all feature programs like travel, cookery, festivals, health, fitness and many more. Brandish can also provide support to domestic, international TV channels & websites by acting as their official correspondent in India. Also providing a dedicated team to plan, cover & post produce local content and supply it to the channel/website for viewing. Brandish can also provide specially created documentary programs like "the real SlumdogMillionares in the slums of Mumbai" or "lives of Bollywood Badshahs" or "Yoga and the Yuppy" or "Ayurveda the Indian Magic cure" or "Mysteries of Mumbai", etc.

Bollywood Television Program Content :

Bollywood television programming is also a huge competency of Brandish. This is possible due to its immense network & goodwill in the Bollywood industry. This includes licensing or production of Bollywood programs like film premieres, on the sets coverage of making of Bollywood movies, parties, mahurats to announce new movies, Bollywood music release events, Bollywood trade analysis, first day first show coverage, awards & events.

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